• Driver Verification Forms

    Obtaining an instructional permit or license to operate a motor vehicle is a privilege which requires anyone under the age of eighteen to have a Verification of Attendance/Enrollment Form.  These are available to students that meet the state and county requirements.

    Requirements for obtaining or retaining a verification of enrollment for the purpose of obtaining a driver's permit or license:

    • Satisfactory Academic Progress – earn a minimum of five credits per year with three of the credits being in core requirements.Credits shall be reviewed at the end of each school yearfor the purpose of reinstating the Verification of Enrollment form or revoking student's driver license. 
    • Satisfactory Behavior – any student who is suspended for a Level IV violation per the Student Code of Conduct Policy shall have his or her driver’s permit or license revoked or denied until after all disciplinary sentences have been served.
    • Satisfactory Attendance – having no more than ten consecutive or fifteen total unexcused absences in a school year.Reinstatement may occur at the end of the semester following that in which the revocation or denial occurred if the student has “0” unexcused absences.

    Please be sure to request an attendance/enrollment form from the school at which the student attends at least two weeks prior to when it is needed. Remember that the enrollment form will expire thirty days from the date issued.  This will prevent inconveniences to both students and parents.