Proctor District Schools

  • Proctor District

    Antioch School- This school was located on Route 89 near the Antioch Church before the split of St. Joseph Baker Hill and Proctor Creek Road.  (,ftc,3,fid,1717657,n,antioch%20school.cfm)

    Border School- The Border School was an old one-room school located near the Center and Proctor districts line.  It was located on Rush Run, about a quarter mile west of Wileville. Moses and Eliza Dulaney owned the land on which it was built.  The Dulaneys had settled in Wetzel County in 1848. In the 1850 census, their children are listed as attending school, making it possible that the school was in existence that year.  In 1882, the land was officially deeded to the Proctor Board of Education for half an acre “being the lot on which the Border Schoolhouse is located.”

    This school was attended by children from both Proctor and Center districts.  The Border School was demolished in 1905 because schools had been built in Wileyville and New Lyne. The school was bought by the grandson of the original settlers, James Dulaney,  from the board in 1906 and the timber was used to build his house. Some of the teachers at this school were Ulysses Morgan, DAvid McIntire, Morgan Woods and James L. Dulaney. (Wetzel County Genealogy 1983, page 26).   

    Des Moines School- The Des Moines School was near the intersection of Lyn Camp Road, Hollman Ridge, and Middle Fork Road (,ftc,3,fid,1717667,n,des%20moines%20school.cfm)  The deed on file at the county office for this school is from 1872.  

    Friendship School- This school was located on Friendship Ridge near the intersection of Doolin Run.  (,ftc,3,fid,1717677,n,friendship%20school.cfm)  The deed on file at the county office is from 1862.

    Grandview School- Also known as Five Points School.  It stands on Proctor Ridge. (Wetzel County Genealogy, 1983 page 10)  There were a total of three different Grandview Schools. The first was built in the late 1800s and was just a one-room school heated by an iron stove.  It’s location was on Route 89 near where the last Grandview school was located. Around 1920 the next Grandview school was built behind the first school and the first school was demolished.  This school had upgrades, such as indoor plumbing, library, kitchen, and a larger stove for heating. Harvey, Charlie and Albert Berisford built the school. Some of the teachers included Rosa Smith Herman, Bessie Smith Allen, Frank Workman, John Goddard and Maron Moore.  The third and final school was built 1959. Along with two big classrooms, it had a cafeteria and gym. It was closed in 1982 and children were sent to New Martinsville School. ( Wetzel County Genealogy 1983, page 27.

    Green Valley School- Green Valley School was located about 1.5 miles north on Black Fork Road from Route 89.  The deed on file dates to 1884. (,ftc,3,fid,1717680,n,green%20valley%20school.cfm)

    Greenwood School- The Greenwood School was south of Route 89 on Brock Ridge Road before Harlan Ridge meets Brock Ridge.  The date for this school is unknown. (,ftc,3,fid,1717682,n,greenwood%20school.cfm)

    Highland School- This school was located on Route 89 between Newman Ridge and Palmer Ridge.  The deed on file dates this school to 1869. (,ftc,3,fid,1717598,n,highland%20school.cfm)

    Macedonia School- The Macedonia School was about two miles to the north of Silver Hill but right across the border in Proctor District.  According to Inez Yocum Durig, she could remember the “old” Macedonia School, which she attended for her first grade. Maude Robinson was her teacher.  The old school had a coat room in the entryway. The blackboard was a smooth painted board and all the students had slates and slate pencils. The new Macedonia school was built in 1906 at the same site by Orange Jackson and his two sons, Samuel and Olonzo.  The Jackson family had their own saw mill and cut and planed the lumber he used for the school.

    Clee Yoho was the first teacher in the new school.  A coal stove kept the school warm. Water was not on sight so it had to be ported from the nearest neighbor.  Students were of all ages and some even became teachers. By the 1920s, George Durig was the teacher. The school’s last day of attendance was May 25, 1950.  George ended up buying the land on which the school stood.

    Marion School - See Rock Valley.

    Midcap School- The Midcap school was up the Left Fork of Proctor Creek, beyond the end of what is today’s Parson’s Ridge Road. (,ftc,3,fid,1717608,n,midcap%20school.cfm)

    Mount Olive School- The Mount Olive School was located on Doolin Run Road north of Bebee just south of the Mount Olive Cemetery.  The deed on file is from 1867 (,ftc,3,fid,1717705,n,mount%20olive%20school.cfm)

    Point Pleasant- The Point Pleasant school was at the mouth of Proctor near route 2.

    Riverview-  This school, in Proctor District was a grade school.  It was built in the early 1880s. (Wetzel County Genealogy, page 16).

    Rock Valley- Rock Valley was located near Marion, which is located at the intersection of Proctor Creek Road and Palmer Ridge (also called Briggs Hill).  In the Historical Album of the Upper Proctor Creek Area there is a picture of the Rock Valley School taken of the 1899-1900 students.  The picture was taken in March of 1900. Some of the students pictured were Lizzie Warman, Luella Hall, Ivie Ritz, Clay Garrett, Rosa Moore, Floy Moore Frank Ritz, Hayes Hall, Wiley Garrett, Frank Hall, Charley Morrison.  The teacher was Marion Moore. Another picture of the same school is in the same book from the 1930s.

    Rockport School- The Rockport School deed was started in 1910.  The school was located on County Road ⅕ Proctor Creek about halfway between Knisley Ridge and Mud Run.  (Wetzel County Board of Education documents)

    Rosefield School-  Also known as Fourteen School, the Rosefield school at the junction of Route 89 and Hohman Ridge.  It was a two-room, two story schoolhouse. It also served as a voting precinct and church. Some of the families whose children attended were the Calverts, Halls, Carneys, Yocums, Lemasters, Harlans, Clarks, Eberts, Sterns, Pyles and others.  Teachers included Charles Hall, Virginia Powell, W. J. Stern, Mildred Cook, Dorothy Parsons, Louise Bleur, Arz Pegg, Joe Newman, Ellis Miller, Thelma Fox, Susie Arman and Ralph Powell. (Wetzel County Genealogy 1983, page 28)

    Scheidler Run School-   The Scheidler Run School was started in 1897.  This school was located up the right fork of Scheidler Run.   (Wetzel County Board of Education documents,,ftc,3,fid,1717718,n,scheidler%20run%20school.cfm)

    Sugardale School- This school was located about 1.5 miles up Proctor Creek from Route 2 (,ftc,3,fid,1717641,n,sugardale%20school.cfm)

    Williams Valley- This school was located about two miles up Rush Run where Grass Lick meets Rush Run.  The school was built before 1900, according to Margaret D. Gorby. Records found at the Board of Education indicate it was built in 1891.  James L. Dulaney was the school teacher in 1899-1900. He also taught during World War II, when he was recalled from retirement due to the teacher shortages in the area.  He taught from 1943 until 1947. It was unknown to Margaret when the school was closed. However, in 1983 the school was still standing. (Wetzel County Genealogy 1983, page 28)

    Woodland School- The Woodland school deed is dated for 1860.  This school was located on Price Hill / Huff Ridge about three miles after turning off of Proctor Creek Road. (,ftc,3,fid,1717654,n,woodland%20school.cfm)