Center District Schools

  • Center District


    Anthem School- Anthem was a small oil field town located east of Knob Fork on Sugar Run.  The Anthem Schoolhouse was located at the intersection of Sugar Run and the road to Kodol.  (Wetzel County Genealogy, 1983 page 9) Anthem is located south of Route 7 east of Knob Fork.  

    Bear Run School- See Brookside

    Brookside School- This deed is dated 1900.  This school was located where Bear Run creek meets Knob Fork creek.  

    Dewey School- The deed for this school is dated at 1900.  This school was located on Low Gap Road little less than two miles from where it meets Fish Creek.  

    Endicott School-  This school was in the community of Endicott.  It is located at the intersection of Miller fork Creek, Miller Run where they meet to make Rocky Run creek and where Fairview Road, Miller Run, and Low Gap Run Road meet.  

    Fairview School-  Board records indicate this school was established around 1850.  The Fairview School was located where Miller Ridge Rd and Carney Run Road meet.  

    Fanlight School-The deed for this school is dated at 1887.  The school was located at the junction of Proctor Creek Road and Pyles Ridge.  

    Green Valley School- The deed for this school is dated at 1884.  This school was located at the headwaters of Carney Fork.

    Hayes School- The deed for this school is dated at 1847.  This school was located near the community of Dean near the intersection of Postle Ridge and Low Gap Run Road.

    Jasper Ridge School-  This was located at the junction of Crawford Hill and Laurel Run.

    Jolliffe School- See Knob Fork School

    Knob Fork School- The deed for this school is dated at 1872.  This school was located at Knob Fork. There were possibly two schools here, the other going by the name Jolliffe.    

    Kodol School- According to the McEldowney history, Kodol was first settled in 1854 and a school was there in the late nineteenth century.  Wetzel County records have a deed for a school dating to 1913. Dave Augurbright was a teacher there. The school was open until the late 1940s or longer.  

    Liberty School- The liberty school was located at the headwaters of Knob Fork Creek on Kodol Road.  

    Low Gap School- The Low Gap school was near the junction of Low Gap Run Road and Bear Run.  

    Macedonia School-  This school was actually just across the border of Proctor District.  

    Morris Run School- The deed from this school is dated at 1849.  The Morris Run School was located near the headwaters Morris Run, on the road with the same name.  

    New Line School- This school was located just west of Wileyville.  When the Hog Run school was shut down, some students went to the New Line School instead of Bland’s Run. Wetzel County Genealogy, 1983, page 12).  

    Oak Grove-  The deed for this school is dated at 1916.  Oak Grove is located in the very northwest corner of Center district, north of the Macedonia school.  

    Postle Ridge School- The Postle Ridge school is still standing.  This school is on Postal Ridge between Morris Run and Postlethwait Ridge.  

    Potts School- The Potts School was located on the northern side of Route 7 just west of the community of Wheat.

    Shuman School- The Shuman School was located on the northern side of Route 7 about half way between Suter and Onie.  

    Silver Hill School- Silver Hill was around eighteen miles east-northeast of New Martinsville along Laurel Run.  Around the turn of the century there were approximately one hundred families living in this area due to the oil boom, leading to the construction of a grist mill, hotel, saloon, several churches and general stores, as well as a school.  The old Silver Hill School was in use until the spring of 1908. Its last teacher was Arlena Miller. In 1908-1909 a new school was built and its first teacher was Nancy Jane Richmond. It was discontinued after the 1958-59 school year with Joe Newman as its last teacher.  (Wetzel County Genealogy 1983, page 17)

    Steel Run-This deed is dated at 1893.  The school was located near the mouth of Steel Run, east from Wileyville.  

    Wileyville- Wileyville was first settled around 1870 by Wiiliam Melott, Steve Boner and Shannon Wiley.  The town’s first school was two stories located on land that was called Dakan’s Bottom. Early teachers of the school were Same Resseger and Mr. Du Berry.  This building was later replaced with a new two-room building located above Wileyville on the bank. A fire destroyed this building and the town rented out room in the Heber building, which had been a hotel, until a new, three-room school could be built.  This new school started out as a grade school but eventually housed-- from 1925 to 1933-- a Junior High School for the 9th and 10th grades also. (Wetzel County Genealogy 1983, page 18)