Clay District Schools

  • Clay District

    Beaverdam School- The Beaverdam School was located off of Low Gap Run Road a little less than three miles from Littleton.  

    Brown’s Run- The Brown’s Run school was located about two miles to the east of Littleton up near the forks of Brown’s Run

    Liston School- This school was located about 1 mile up Sugar Run Road going north from Route 7.

    Littleton Schools- Central office records indicate there was a deed for a school made in 1907.  However, schools existed in Littleton well before 1907. This deed was probably made in response to a 1906 fire which had destroyed the old frame school of Littleton Grade School.  The same year of the fire, Littleton voted for a levy to construct a new school which would contain both elementary and secondary grades. This new brick building had eight rooms, a library, central office, and auditorium.  At first only a two-year high school course was offered but eventually a four-year curriculum was added. Students from Pennsylvania and Church District in the Hundred area would travel to attend high school in Littleton until high school course work was offered in their own school districts.  

    Robinson Ridge School-  This school is on Robinson Ridge Road, just north past Haven Road.  

    Sugar Grove School- The Sugar Grove School was located up Long Drain Road, about two miles past the current elementary school, Long Drain.