Wetzel County Schools Instructional Plan

  • In an effort to prepare for an extended time out of our buildings, the following is Wetzel County’s
    plan should that occur:

    Principals will work with their staffs to develop regular school-wide communication to families
    based on how their schools are using this plan to guide instruction.

    If a teacher already has an electronic method that works for them (Schoology, Teams, Class Dojo,
    LiveGrades, etc,) they will continue to use it and keep it updated weekly. It is understood that
    many teachers are attending to these methods daily already.

    If/when we reach a point that is no longer possible to send paper packets home the following will
    go into place:

    Teachers will post work to any platform by Monday morning for student access for the current week.

    Work will also be posted to the Wetzel County Schools website if needed.

    Students who are able to visit a school parking lot can also have the work copied to their 1:1
    laptop by restarting and logging in while on the outdoor school Wi-Fi.