Step 1: Complete the application below

Step 2: Submit official college transcript either electronically or by mail to the personnel office verifying a Bachelors Degree and a 2.0 GPA

Step 3: Please reference the information below regarding WVLearns eLearning

  • Please reference the information below regarding WVLearns eLearning for Education course registration, if you have not been assigned a WebTop/CertPortal account or a email account.To avoid the creation of multiple accounts, your next step is to go to and complete the information requested by WVDE Certification. The login and password you are assigned from the WVDE e will be the same login and password you use for WVLearns. You must have an account if you wish to register for courses.

Step 4: Completion of West Virginia Department of Education WVLearns Initial Substitute Training course

Step 5: Submit Certificate of Completion to board office upon completion of course and complete Form 2L or 2S . This form will come to the board office for county approval.

Step 6: Print, complete, and submit Form 7 to county office.

Step 7: Upon approval of application by county office, you will receive an email about how to go about scheduling background check.

Step 8: Certification will be emailed to you from WVDE

Step 9: Hired by BOE

Step 10: Start making a difference for the students of Wetzel County!

Questions? Contact the Personnel Office at 304-455-2441 ext. 131 or